Tuesday 20 December 2016

Importance of the Humanities

In the introduction to a recent publication titled Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences It's everyone's business Robyn Archer emphasises the importance of the Humanities:

It is only through books, films, theatre, visual arts, music, dance, food, that you have the opportunity to place yourself in other scenarios, other places, other cultures. The only guaranteed way to explore the real extent of our vast humanity is to do it through the arts. How else can you be everywhere and feel everything? There is simply not enough time physically to be everywhere and experience everything in real life and real time. But through the arts, you are free to explore, to test your moral courage, to understand and therefore develop tolerance and a broad view of the way the world is. This is about becoming human in the most complete way anyone can.  

There is no special claims for art and artists as more creative than those in other professions, but we must insist that the humanities provide essential services to all citizens in all walks of life, and as such demand pivotal and high profile leadership on a national scale. 

The birth of an infant is an event of high social and cultural value to which the Humanities has much to offer!

For more information on the Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (CHASS) and a link to the full above referenced report see: http://www.chass.org.au/